21 Nov 2023

Channel 4 News

The struggle for women’s healthcare in the Scottish Highlands

Scottish Women's Convention 20th Birthday & International Women's Day 2023

Rebecca was honored to be invited to a day in Scottish Parliament to celebrate Women in Scotland & discuss how we want the country to look & feel for Women in 20 years time

NHWWH is not a political organisation but we do have a powerful voice, representing the women of the North Highlands - making sure we are heard where decisions are made.

Edinburgh Trip - Feb 2023

Kirsteen & Rebecca from NHWWH visited Edinburgh University to tell their Endometriosis stories to 5th year medical students.

Discussing the importance of early diagnosis and listening to the patient about their concerns. Covering the mental health impact of delayed care and Endometriosis throughout life.

They met with Professor Andrew Horne and Dr Lucy Whitaker from the EXPPECT team and Tao from Endometriosis South of Scotland.

During the day, they had a lovely meeting with Ian and Eilidh from Scottish Human Rights Commission to discuss the lack of Gynae care in the North Highlands.

Overall, a fantastic trip to the big city!

Campaign for Gynaecology services to return to Caithness General Hospital

Dec 2021

Petition; Complete an emergency in-depth review of Women's Health services in Caithness & Sutherland was filed with Scottish Government

Jan 2022

2,752 signatures for the petition are lodged with Scottish Government

March 2022

Scottish Government vote to consider the petition further

June 2022

The Committee agreed to refer the petition to the Health, Social Care and Sport Committee, in consideration of health inequalities.

October 2022

The Health, Social Care and Sport Committee voted to hold a formal review of the inequalities facing Caithness & Sutherland. This will be held early 2023 and Humza Yousaf and NHS Highland will be invited to give evidence

August 2022

Humza Yousaf (Cab Sec. for Health & Social Care) & Mike Hayward (Dep. Chief NHS Highland) met with us in person to discuss the gynaecology services and how they need to change urgently for the better

January 2023

The Health, Social Care and Sport Committee held a panel of questions, which were put to Humza Yousaf and others.

Our petition was barely touched upon and will be re-reviewed in Feb 23

February 2023

Met with NHS Highland, Humza Yousaf and Maree Todd. It was agreed that a formal review of the Gynaecology service in NHS Highland would begin immediately.

April 2023

Scottish Cabinet re-shuffle

Meetings scheduled with the new Public Health Minister and Womens Health Minister in the next few months

Scottish Human Rights Commission support for change to Gynaecology access in Caithness & Sutherland